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31October 2018

DevFest 2018 Recap

DevFest 2018 Delhi chapter was a great experience for FlutterDevs. To those who don’t know about what a DevFest is : DevFest is the annual ceremonial gathering of students, professionals and developers/delegates from Google itself. It’s a great place where Google shares about it’s latest technologies and professionals share their experience on the Google products they’re using.

If you’re an aspirant who wishes to start his/her career in software development, then you cannot skip DevFest for sure. This year, FlutterDevs was also a part of the extravaganza and it was indeed a great experience.

Contrary to last year where DevFest was organized at 3 different locations simultaneously, this year the location was one with 4 tracks. This meant that you can switch to different tracks according to your will. All the tracks were filled with attentive and curious minds who just wanted to learn from the industry experts.

Let’s check out some of the highlights of the day:


The keynote was presented by GDG organizers who shared the purpose and streamlined the details of the day. They made the audience comfortable and did some ice-breaking sessions as well. They also explained about Google Developer Group in detail and mentioned why such communities exists. We cannot deny the fact that such interactions are crucial for young minds to develop an interest in the Open-Source community and share knowledge with the world.

Why Flutter is Hot?

Google Developer Expert, Pawan Kumar took the stage on fire by sharing about the hottest topic in the industry. He shared about why Flutter is so popular and why we all should start working on the same. Indeed Flutter is the future of cross-platform development. Being in beta it has almost created a huge impact and we can now imagine the impact which it will create when it goes to Live. We at FlutterDevs are focussed on creating more Flutter applications and sharing our knowledge with the open-source community as well. You can check out our GitHub repo to get started with Flutter.

Speaker Hours

Speaker hours was the session where each individual would get a chance to have a one-on-one interaction with all the speakers. FlutterDevs was one of the Speakers and our team was able to interact with a number of students who shared their projects. It was great to see the zeal and enthusiasm of these young minds who want to support the community with the help of technology.


It was great that we were able to support GDG New Delhi by providing our technical expertise. We are committed to supporting the open-source community by contributing to these sessions and sharing our knowledge about Flutter and mobile development. You can also be a part of this movement by joining us. Do connect with us on the following social channels to stay updated.

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