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30August 2018

Flutter Login Demo

Flutter login demo will help you understand how to create login UI using Flutter for both Android and iOS. You can get the full source code from our GitHub repository.

Flutter is fairly new and getting UI templates is always great, with this Login demo you can create login UI easily and without any hassles.

Main.dart File

The main.dart is the beginning of any Flutter app. Our main.dart file consists of only routes. We’ve broken down the screens into different dart files so that you can use the same in your code.



The splash screen consists of an animated screen, if you want to know how to create animated splash screen please refer to our previous blog from here.



The login screen contains an Image, TextFormField(EditText) and a RaisedButton. The UI is created with the help of the aforementioned widgets. We used TextEditingController to get the value from the text boxes provided.

The password_controller can be used to validate by accessing the value entered in the text box.

We can validate by getting the value from the text boxes in the following way :

password_controller.value.text.tostring() this returns the value and can be used for validations.


You can get the full source code from our GitHub repository. Don’t forget to give star and share the repo, this might help someone else!!

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