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5December 2018

Top 5 Announcements From Flutter 1.0

Google released the much anticipated 1.0 version of Flutter on 4th December at Flutter Live event in London.

You can watch the whole Live stream from here:


Moving on with the article, we’ll discuss the top 5 announcements from Flutter Live.

Flutter 1.0

Flutter has been already moving very fast, not just the code, the whole community is also growing very rapidly. The main updates with Flutter 1.0 are bug fixes and stabilization. There are also some new things like Dart 2.1 and previews for “Add to App” and “Platform Views”.

Check more about it from here.

Flare by 2Dimensions

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Flare is a tool that allows you to create vector animations that can be embedded into an existing Flutter app as a widget. The tool is really intuitive and it helps the designers and developers work on their modules without affecting each other’s work.

Check more about the announcement from here.

CodeMagic by Nevercode

Codemagic is a new tool specifically made for applying CI/CD process with Flutter. With Codemagic you can select a GitHub repo and quickly create continuous build flows that run tests and generate binary app bundles that you can upload to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

To check how it works click here.


Hummingbird was something that we didn’t expect to be announced this time. It’s an experimental web-based implementation of Flutter runtime. What this means is that you can write your app in Dart and, in addition to compiling to native ARM code, you can also target JavaScript which enables your Flutter code to run on current standard web browsers. This is revolutionary and a treat to all developers. We’ll come on this with a different post soon.

More on this over here.

Google Maps

And now finally we have the official Google Maps widget in Flutter. This was by far the most awaited and most requested widget from the whole developer community. Though the widget is still in beta it will soon be released.

This wraps up the article and we hope that Flutter is really going to do more great stuff in the future.

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