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Know Your Widgets: Container in Flutter

If you are new to flutter you must be wondering what is Container then, A Container is a convenience widget that combines common painting, positioning, and sizing widgets. You can use Container to any widgets to add some styling properties. Let’s look into the parameters of a container. Container({ Key key, this.alignment, this.padding, Color color,…

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Know Your Widgets: #1 Cupertino (iOS-style) ActionSheet in Flutter

This is the first article of our Know Your Widgets series. Know Your Widgets is a brand new series in which we’ll be explaining all the important widgets that you should know when starting to develop applications in Flutter. We have decided to dive into all the flutter widgets and try to explain each one to…

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Creating a Flutter Plugin for Android and iOS | Image Gallery

What is Flutter plugin? Flutter plugin is the wrapper of the native code like android( Kotlin or java) and iOS(swift or objective c). MethodChannel is used to communicate the native code of Android and iOS to flutter (dart code). This is the basic understanding of the flutter plugin now let’s see why plugins are required. Why…

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