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13February 2019

Know Your Widgets: Container in Flutter

If you are new to flutter you must be wondering what is Container then, A Container is a convenience widget that combines common painting, positioning, and sizing widgets. You can use Container to any widgets to add some styling properties. Let’s look into the parameters of a container. Container({ Key key, this.alignment, this.padding, Color color,…

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6February 2019

Know Your Widgets: #1 Cupertino (iOS-style) ActionSheet in Flutter

This is the first article of our Know Your Widgets series. Know Your Widgets is a brand new series in which we’ll be explaining all the important widgets that you should know when starting to develop applications in Flutter. We have decided to dive into all the flutter widgets and try to explain each one to…

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11January 2019

Creating a Flutter Plugin for Android and iOS | Image Gallery

What is Flutter plugin? Flutter plugin is the wrapper of the native code like android( Kotlin or java) and iOS(swift or objective c). MethodChannel is used to communicate the native code of Android and iOS to flutter (dart code). This is the basic understanding of the flutter plugin now let’s see why plugins are required. Why…

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3January 2019

In-App Localization in Flutter

In-App Localization is something that is required if your app is going to be used in a country with different languages. Also, if you want to increase your user base, then it is quintessential that you incorporate user’s local language. This blog is related to In-App localization in Flutter. With the help of this, you are…

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5December 2018

Top 5 Announcements From Flutter 1.0

Google released the much anticipated 1.0 version of Flutter on 4th December at Flutter Live event in London. You can watch the whole Live stream from here:   Moving on with the article, we’ll discuss the top 5 announcements from Flutter Live. Flutter 1.0 Flutter has been already moving very fast, not just the code,…

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31October 2018

DevFest 2018 Recap

DevFest 2018 Delhi chapter was a great experience for FlutterDevs. To those who don’t know about what a DevFest is : DevFest is the annual ceremonial gathering of students, professionals and developers/delegates from Google itself. It’s a great place where Google shares about it’s latest technologies and professionals share their experience on the Google products…

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30August 2018

Flutter Login Demo

Flutter login demo will help you understand how to create login UI using Flutter for both Android and iOS. You can get the full source code from our GitHub repository. Flutter is fairly new and getting UI templates is always great, with this Login demo you can create login UI easily and without any hassles. Main.dart File The main.dart…

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20April 2017

FlutterDevs: We are Live!

Welcome to the first blog of FlutterDevs, from now on you’ll be getting the daily dose of Flutter so that you keep updated and informed about all the action Flutter has to offer. We are a bunch of Tech heads focussed on giving you world-class mobile apps that will help you take your business to…

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how_to_create_splash_screens 20April 2017

How to create Splash Screens in Flutter

Flutter Splash Demo was created to understand how we can create different types of Splash Screens both for Android and iOS. As most of iOS developers would agree that creating iOS Splash screens can be a bit of a hassle due to the OS specific limitations, on the other hand, creating Android Splash screens is…

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